Fire damage.

With time spent on earth comes some wisdom, I’ll admit to that. I never really believed in any of that ‘wisdom comes with age’ shit. As I get older though, I’m learning to get a hold of myself. Learning to deal with darkness when you’re a teenager just isn’t in the cards. You either think you’re perfectly fine or you think you’re about to die. Life is black and white when hormones are involved. And for quite a while after that too. Continue reading


Mirror on an island.

Sometimes I consider going to a therapist. My excuse is always the same. My mother went to a therapist once, or a psychiatrist, I’m not sure. She said it didn’t help. Her therapist wanted to see me, after a few sessions. I agreed, if only to defend myself. A 16 year old gets defensive quickly. Especially in the situation I was in. It’s funny, I don’t even remember the therapist, not really. All I remember is the genuine shape of a person. She was short, had short hair too. I remember the light in the room more than anything. Continue reading

Tomorrow I will not fade away.

It’s truth time. I’m not exactly worthless. Please, bear with me, this isn’t some kind of pity party, I’m bearing my soul. That’s all it is. But this needs to be done. This is my attempt at pointing a shotgun at yours truly and letting myself shatter. No exploding, no bleeding, no burning of all the bridges, none of that. Just shattering. Splintering every part of me so far away from the rest of myself that the pieces can never be put together again. Continue reading